Jacuzzi BEL6642 WCR 5IH 66 x 42 Bellavista Drop In Luxury Whirlpool Bathtub wi

Jacuzzi, Bel6642 Wcr 5Ih, Whirlpool, Bellavista, Tub, Drop-In,White Bellavista Collection: To The Spanish And Italians, The Word Bellavista Means Beautiful View. To Jacuzzireg;, Bellavista Means A Luxury Tub Thats Gorgeous From Any Perspective. This Beautiful Tub Comes In A Corner Installation Style For A Unique Design Statement. The Bellavista Is Offered In Your Choice Of Four Colors (White, Black, And Oyster) And Features A Contoured Backrest, Dual Armrests, And Slip-Resistant Bottom. The Unique Sculpting Of The Interior And Exterior Edges Highlight The Bellavista's Traditional Design And Unparalleled Comfort. Integrated Dual-Armrests - Convenient Armrests Are Sculpted Into The Bathing Well - Contoured Backrest - Form-Fitting Backrest Is Designed To Be More Comfortable To Lean Back Against - Measurements: 66L X 42W X 26H - Luxury Whirlpool: At Its Most Basic Form, The Three Things Needed To Create A Whirlpool Experience Are Water (Moved Through A Pump) , Air (Mixed With The Water) , And Jets (Targetpro And Accupro) . Jacuzzi'sreg; Comfort Whirlpool Models Do Just This. A Single Speed Motor And Patented Fixed Airflow System Push Mixed Water Through 5-8 Jets. Luxury Models Take Things Even Further By Swapping Out The Single-Speed Motor For A Multi-Speed Motor And Upgrading The Airflow Systems To Electronically Operated And Patented Silent Airreg; Induction Technologies. Luxury Models Tend To Have Double (In Some Cases, Triple) The Jets Of Comfort Models, Enhanced User Controls, And A Number Of Optional High-Tech Upgrades Including Whisper Technology, Illumatherapy Lighting, And Lcd User Controls. When Shopping Jacuzzireg; Whirlpools It Is Important To Understand What You Are Looking For. For Some, It Is A Basic Model That Offers Invigorating Bathes At An Excellent Price-Point. For Others, It Is A Statement-Making Bathroom Centerpiece. Whichever It May Be, We Have Got You Covered With Jacuzzi'sreg; Full Line Of Industry-Leading Whirlpool Tubs. Listed Below Are The Details For The Jacuzzireg; Luxury Whirlpool. Powerful Multi-Speed Motor - High/Low Speeds Are Electronically Operated From The Jacuzzireg; User Controls. - Silent Airreg; Induction - Jacuzzi'sreg; Patented Air Induction System Silently Mixes Air Into The Water Creating That Legendary Jacuzzireg; Whirlpool Experience Without A Hissing Sound. - Electronic Airflow Adjustability - Air Induction Levels Are Adjusted Electronically From The Jacuzzireg; User Controls. - Rapidheat Inline Heater - Maintains User Defined Temperatures Eliminating The Need To Add More Hot Water During Bathes. - Wave Mode - Cycles The Air Flow In The Jets From No Air Flow To Maximum Air Flow Creating A Unique Wave-Like Experience. - Whirlpool Jets:4 Targetpro Jets - Delivers Power With Higher Flow And Air Integration Rates For A Targeted, Vigorous Massage That Is Never Too Strong Of Uneven. Fully Adjustable Targetpro Jets Let You Adjust The Flow To Tailor The Bath To Suit Your Needs. - 2 Accupro Jets - An Essen

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Jacuzzi BEL6642 WCR 5IH 66 x 42 Bellavista Drop In Luxury Whirlpool Bathtub wi Review

I've only had this Jacuzzi BEL6642 WCR 5IH 66 x 42 Bellavista Drop In Luxury Whirlpool Bathtub wi for about two weeks. I suppose I'll have to play with it some more to get the feel for it. In the meantime, it satisfies my need for a in bathtubs

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